NetOut Buyer FHA

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Date: Name:
Purchase Price $
Down Payment $
Base Loan amount $ 0.00
MIP plus Base Loan Amount (not calculated)
interest Rate %
Date of Closing
Realtor Processing Fee (not allowed on FHA-not calculated)
Loan Fees
Origination Charge $
Credit Report $
Tax Service Fee $
Prepaid Interest (Not Including Date of Closing) $ 0.00
Prepaid Hazard Insurance $ 0.00
Hazard Insurance Reserves (3 months) $ 0.00
Yearly Taxes $
Prepaid Taxes(3 months / varies with lender) $ 0.00
MIP Reserves (2 months) $
Prepaid Flood Insurance (14 months / varies with lender) $
FHA Mortgage Insurance Premium (financed-not calculated)
Title Fees
Closing Fee ($425 +$1/1000 of Sale Price) $
Title Binder/Commitment NEGOTIABLE ($100) $
Mortgagee Title Policy (Includes two endorsements) $
Purchaser Recording Fees (Warranty Deed and Mortgage, POA's, etc.) $
FedEx Fees $
Miscellaneous Fees
Homeowner Association Transfer Fees $
Total Fees $ 1.00
Estimated Closing Cost $ 221.00
Down Payment $ 0.00
Less Earnest Money $
Estimated Total Due from Purchaser at Closing $ 221.00
These numbers do not include tax proration credit.
This follows the format of HUD-1 Settlement Statement.
The above figures are pre-closing estimates only and may differ from the Title Company figures at closing.
All third party charges may include gross receipts tax.